We had dinner at Luigi's down on the strand in Galveston.

Some of these pictures are clickable...

Folks arriving.

Not big fans of the paparazzi!

We finally made it.

We're both making funny faces in this picture.

Lorin's Dad.

Jennifer and Adrian.

Eric and Suzie (awww!)

Padraic and Anita.



Dan making a move on Caroline.

Old friends catching up. "I'm still in high tech." "Me too."

Anna demonstrates how she can make three people fall asleep instantly.



Joshua and Kim.

Gloria, my sister, my Dad.

Randall about to eat Fletcher.

Don and Golda.

Kim and John.


Lorin and Grandpa.

Kim, Lorin, Leslie.

Dan, or chimp?

Lorin's Dad gives us a wonderful toast.

So did Don. He makes it look easy.

Dan thinking, "Awww hell, I can do that."

So he did.

Lorin tearing up and thanking everyone.

Me saying, "OK, can we all stop toasting and start eating cake?"

The cake.

Sweet, delicate cake cutting.

It's my wedding day and all I get is this little sliver of cake.

Open up for some cake. Don't we look all civilized?

This is more our style.

Judging by the look on Lorin's face, I'm doing this wrong.

Randall and I feed each other. It was a very romantic evening.

There we are.


Padriac - this photo is from the photos that he sends to agencies so they can decide if they want to hire him to be a model.

Joshua and Kim.

Granny Helen.

Lorin's brother David gets a hug.

Hilary giving us some good advice.

Anna wondering if it was a good idea to let her good friend Lorin marry this guy...

Me, feeling a little like Caroline.

For good reason!

Then Lorin planted one on me.

We decided to go back to the hotel and hang out on the rooftop bar and drink some more.

Along the way we met this dipwad. He was trying to find a light for his cigarette. He said, "I just got married!" and I thought to myself, "Dressed like *that?*" None of us smoked so we sent him on his way. What a nut.

Lorin and Anna walk together.

We had a good time the whole night.

Cruising down the hall and waking everyone.

Dan smuggled some beers in.

John couldn't believe his eyes.

Dan explaining how much money he saved by bringing his own beer. The looks on their faces are priceless.

Ok, off to the next day, and riding Segways.