On Sunday we got up and ate breakfast burritos. Then a bunch of us went back and rode Segways. (we also rode them on Saturday.) Then we hung around on the strand, Patricia roller skated, and in general we goofed around and had a really good time.

The sun rose. (so did John to snap this picture.)

We ate.

Lorin got her hair done.

And realized she was married.

We had a contest to see who could guess how many bobby pins there were here. Lorin had all these in her hair.

Roll your mouse over the photo to see the answer.

And back on the Segways. Kim being trained.

Lorin getting the hang of it.

Joshua having no trouble.

John was able to do it one handed!

Patricia shocked at how fun and easy it is.

Anna feels the same way!

Drag racers in the distance.

Here they come!

Look out!


Patricia did some skating.

She does tricks!

And stairs!

Lorin was pooped!

That's it, thanks for looking!