NEW - Grandma's Funeral                    COMING SOON - China , Yellowstone, and more Paris.


Europe with Dad                                     rose-hulman Indiana trip

canoe trip Brazos River Float                                    Wrapping up the trip

Tour de France                                         Dinner in Mezel

Europe in July Part 1                               Part Deux!

sangria Sangria                                                     Texas UT vs. South Florida

Bologna                                                    Milan, Italy Milan

thundersticks Thundersticks!                                        Leakey, TX Getting nailed in Leakey

London trip                                               garden Garden update


Paris - Fall '07                                           Tubafest '07

Amsterdam - Fall '07                               Germany - Fall '07

Some Feb Shots                                      Ski trip

Xmas 2007                                                Perogies

San Diego fires                                         UT vs TCU

Basket case                                               Paving the way

 Wine tasting                                               Mobile phone photos                                

Just a dinner                                             www.yearroundriders.com The TRUTH                                              

Trip to SF                                                   ice storm The Great Ice Storm of '07                     

Austin Marathon

galveston, tx Galveston Trip                                           sussan furniture Kitchen Furniture

spring flowers snap dragons Snapdragons                                             Birthday

Grand Theft Auto                                        More Oatmeal


Tubafest!                                                      Cat attack

Back to Holland                                          Xmas 2006

Toronto                                                          New Camera

 Eindhoven/Brussels                                  Flying with Marc

Oatmeal, TX                                                  Mom Visits Texas

  Upstate New York

Elana James Show                                     Back to Leakey

Rounder Round-Up II                                  More Motocross

 West Texas/NM Trip                                    California


 Fredericksburg Ride                                     Wedding

Halloween 2005                                            Apple Pie

Free Advice

 Hurricane Rita                                                

  Dan's Birthday                                                Rice, It's What's For Dinner

National Champions                                     Florence - Fall 2003                      

Venice - Fall 2003                                         

 New Chandelier                                              Rounder Round-up Updated 5/10 

Bulldozer!!!                                                        The Big 3-0                                                              

Motocross Race                                             Freescale Marathon

Old photos                                                       September '04

Xmas '04                                                           New Year's Eve '04 

Just some stuff                                                Halloween '04               


Dan visits. More Sushi.                                 Leakey, Texas Ride

Hawaii                                                              Boston & DFW Overnight

Holmes Brothers Show                                Carolinas

4th of July                                                         1st Thursday

Big Bend                                                          Sushi Night

Leakey                                                              Son of Sushi Night

Pittsburgh                                                        Son of San Antonio

San Antonio                                                     Bus Pomes