These pics are from the wedding. We got married at Lorin's Dad's house in Galveston.

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos for this (very few of these are mine, most are Eric's and John/Patricia's.) and thanks to John and Patricia for being our official unoffical photographers.

Here we are arriving.

R to L: Lorin, Her mom (Sandy,) her Aunt (Janet,) and her Grandfather (Don)

The Aunts, or to some The Sisters. L to R: Leslie, Sandy, Kim, and Janet.

Lorin talks with her Dad and her Grandmother (Golda).

One of many funny pictures of Dan.

People formed a weird circle. Most of our friends are introverts.

L to R: Danni, Jennifer, Adrian, Lorin.

Marc and Zoe

My sister (Jennifer) and I.

Janet admiring the flower she had just pinned to my lapel. Anita and Joshua look on.

Lorin's friends gave her some gifts; something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

It made her cry.

The JP, Jim Schweitzer. He was fabulous. If you get married in Galveston, get him.

L to R: Kim, Caroline, Anita, Patricia.

L to R: Tracy, Elissa, Lorin

T to B: Christine, Fletcher.


Lorin's bouquet.

Ok, this is it.

Jim asking me if I know how lucky I am.

We had several good laughs during the ceremony.

Another good one of Dan.

The getaway car.

On to dinner!