Prior to the wedding a bunch of us had dinner at the San Luis Steakhouse. On Saturday we hung out at the hotel room and then went and rode Segways. I highly recommend going and riding with the guys at Cajun 2 Wheels. Jay and Robert are a blast to hang out with, and love riding Segways. They also are great tour guides, and will tailor the tour to whatever you'd like to do.

Kim, Joshua, and Padraic.

Lorin's mom, Sandy.

Hanging in the hotel room with Dan and Caroline.

Gloria and Jennifer learning to glide.

No problem!

My Dad seemed too calm. I think he's done this before...

That's Robert on the left, and Jay on the Right.

Pelican. Platform. Pleasant.

Preening. Poop. Pungent.

There was a coast guard ship in port. We toured it.

Coast guard employee hard at work. It's not all drug interdiction and picking up Cubans. It's also a lot of paperwork.

These ships have a serious gun on them.

The bridge.


The ship on the left is a cable laying ship.

A tourist.

I still hadn't written my vows. So I ordered some room service, and set to work. This was the last meal I ate as a single guy...

Next, we get married!