Below are John's photos from the trip.

Dinner at the Catfish King. Yes, those tubes are supposed to be hush puppies!

Here I am after dinner, ready to go!

This is El Paso, IL Friday morning. This is where we stopped at around 1am, or whenever it was, in torrential rains. We got to ride out in torrential fog 7 hours later...

In Sheboygan, WI we had lunch. John got an open-faced roast beef sandwich. Amazing.

I had a brat. I asked the waitress if i should get one or not, and she said, "Well, you *are* in Sheboygan." I had no idea what that meant, but took it as gospel. It was really good.

Here I am telling a story to Cliffy and Lorazepam. Note that we all seem to be putting ourselves to sleep it's so boring.

Bikes all lined up.

Nice day for a ride!

Rebecca (Boxergrrlie) wondering how it is she became surrounded by follicly challenged men.

Cliff gave me a mix CD. It was very sweet. It even has "our" song on it. (theme from "Titanic" of course!)

Mike (BlueKnight) making our waitress an honorary Mountie. Strangely this honor was bestowed on more strange women than strange men... :-D

The first reading of the "Ode to the Rounders." I'm sure the Terrace Bay will become as famous as City Lights, where Allen Ginsburg first read "Howl."

Me being "beamed" down to earth.

Here I am!

That's it.