Fortunately, John had his camera on the trip, and as usual, his photos are good.

I think this is from the Davis Mts, but it might have been in the Guadelupe Mts. Regardless, it was gorgeous.

This one is from the ride up to the Ruidoso ski mountain.

This was outside a hotel in Fort Davis.

Here I am thinking, "Dang, I've got an extra strap...where the heck is it supposed to go?"

One of the telescopes at the McDonald observatory.

Another one. I really like this photo. John is a great photographer.

Ok, let's descend into Carlsbad Caverns. These photos are wayyyyyy better than the ones I took. They make me want to go back and see it again.

See the little concentric circles on the surface of the water from the drip?

Ok, on to White Sands...

Me, at ramming speed!

I love this photo.

John offering me some water.

We decided to do some rapid fire shots of me jumping off the edge of the dune. See the bikes down there?


There I go!

All gone!

Thanks for looking.