We rolled along on deserted roads. It was nice. Occasionally a road runner would run out in from of us, but then they'd dart back into the brush.

There's John.

There's me...

...and there is El Capitan, the highest point in Texas at 8,749 feet.

A closer view. We didn't climb it. We just camped in the national park, and then bugged out in the morning.

This is the view in the evening if you are this Yucca plant.

The people at the next campsite were weird. First, I think they rented a U-Haul trailer, and just threw a ton of stuff into it. At first we thought they were moving, but then we looked in the back of the trailer (sorry, no photo) and saw all the crap they were carrying. It was mostly camping gear and some miscellaneous household goods, all put into a big pile. One of the things they brought was a broom, and here, if you look closely, you can see her SWEEPING the campsite. They also had a small yip dog with them. The dog barked every so often, and being smaller than a cat it was not very loud. But then the lady would yell at it to SHUT UP over and over, and shatter the tranquility of the place. Thanks lady.

That's about it. We didn't do much but sleep here and enjoy the stars and the perfect weather, so now we're off to Carlsbad Caverns.