John and I set off for a five day trip. The goal was to somewhat randomly ride around west Texas and southeast New Mexico and see what there was to see. We took camping gear in case we got the urge to camp. We also took money in case we got the urge to sleep in a motel.

We had an amazing trip.

John's bike, ready to go.


We stopped in Fredericksburg for dinner. I had this reuben. It was so-so.

John had some pork chops and potato pancakes. Not so good either.

When we came out this bike was parked next to ours. It was in excellent condition. (R90/6)

Friday night we made it to Ozona, then pulled off. Here is John negotiating our room rate.

Our room had this weird shape cut/burned out of the carpet. It looks like an iron did it.


It was a bit chilly the next morning.

At a gas stop we saw this. Unbelievable.

Headed in toward the Davis Mountains.

We stopped to eat in Fort Davis.

They have plenty of tabasco to choose from!

We each ordered burgers with big ol' green chiles on them. Mmmmm!

John with his burger.

Note the categories for prizes: most obstinate, longest ears, loudest bray, traveled furthest distance, most congenial.

A tourist in action.

A little ridge that is the back drop for Ft. Davis.

Prudes... [snicker]

That's the McDonald Observatory up there on the hill. If you listen to NPR, and you hear the segment, "Stardate"this is where it comes from.

Here's the road we came up. Fun!

View from the top.

Main entrance, and the seal of The University.

John walking down toward one of the 107 inch telescope.

Shot of another telescope. The shiny one...

This really bothered me. Nitrogen held captive like this is terrible. I prefer to get all my nitrogen from free range sources. This is the typical arrogance of university researchers - they just lock things up that should be free until they need them. Pathetic!

Next, we're off to the Guadalupe Mountains.