So these are Greg's photos...By popular demand. Greg is much better about asking for photos and taking photos with people in them.

Here we are on the way out of town. We stopped at John's accountant's place so he could sign his tax return. It seemed like everyone was home during the day in the neighborhood, hanging around, feeding cats, and generally enjoying themselves.

Greg in front of his dream motorcycle as a kid. The Norton Commando.

Here we are consuming mass quantities at the Mexican restaurant in Leakey. *The* best tortilla chips.

Our waitress, tired of the fans hounding her.

The bar, in its "before" state.

Suiting up for the ride.

Foreground: Cool motorcycle guy. Background: Geek trying to make his fancy camera work.

Words fail me.

A shot at the fake Alamo.

Greg did a better job than I did of taking photos here. I think he climbed those rickety off-limits stairs...

Greg won the pull-up contest by doing 6. I got 3. John says we are dorks and he wouldn't shame us by doing 50.

Having escaped the well, Greg decided to try out the accomodations on a temporary basis.

Here we stop by the side of the road to take action shots of Greg riding. He got a still of us standing.

Greg also mastered the art of on bike photography. That's me way back there.

John turns and says, "Think we could just ride over the bridge?"

We had a fantastic fire thanks to Phil and Suzie.

Here Phil gazes into the flames, and imitates a road contruction guy.

And Suzie asks, "Have you seen the Bush or Chimp websites?" (Sorry Suzie, I couldn't resist.)

I demonstrate that I am ambidextrous, yet forgetful. Which one is the chaser? Ah, who cares, I'm outside by a mesquite fire!

John enjoys his morning cigar.