Lorin and I set off for "Blues on the Green." It's an outdoor music show here in Austin that they have every other Wednesday evening during summer. They have it down at Zilker Park, and we decided to ride our bikes. Today the Holmes Brothers were playing. This is a band that Lorin saw with her Dad and her Uncle somewhere north of NYC, and she wanted to catch them again.

Here is Lorin zooming away while I almost kill myself trying to lean down and get my bike in the foreground. Anything for my art!

I just like how this picture came out. My handlebars.

Sorry this is blurry, these are hard to take while riding. This is part of the hike and bike trail we take from our house. We can get all the way to the park we're going to from our house by riding in bike lanes and on trails like this. It's pretty sweet.

Another shot on the trail, where it pops up down by 6th street. (We live on 49th for reference.) To the right are some of those fashionable loft apartments that are springing from the ground in hip cities like Austin. Urban living, etc etc. I'll probably wish we bought one in ten years when they are selling for 3X today's price.

Austin skyline from the Lamar pedestrian bridge. They built a bridge over the water just for walkers/joggers/bikers/rollerbladers. Austin is a good city to live in.

A shot of the bridge. You can see the fashionable yellow (err, sorry, *mustard*) loft apartments in the background. There is a skateboarder doing his homework or something.

Pick-up soccer games at Zilker park.

Approaching the show. Lorin endures *another* stop for a picture.

Here's the stage, waiting for the band. Everyone brings chairs, beer, weed, etc and chills out.

This little puppy really wanted to play with that big dog back there.

Sun goes down, band plays. Those aren't our bikes, those are the folks' in front of us. (Lest anyone think that we have sissy cruiser-type bikes.)

Of course the minute it gets dark, people start selling these radioactive necklace thingys. Note that this guy is a perfect gentleman and is resisting the urge to look down that woman's shirt.

The Homes Brothers. Trust me, that's them.

Funky pic of people waving those necklaces around.


I don't know how this happened, but it's cool. Maybe the camera was getting a contact high.

Austin at night. (duh)

Remember those skyrocketing energy prices during deregulation? Me either. Here's why.

State Capitol of course.

Inoperative fountain at UT.
(We rode home through the city, not up the trail, in case you didn't figure that out by now.)
That's it. Thanks for looking.