Lorin was on break so we took a quick trip out to the Bay Area to visit with friends and hang out. We didn't take a lot of photos, but what we've got for you is below.

Lorin chilling at the airport in Dallas.

Poof! We're in California!

We spent the night with Peter and Sang and their two kids Austin and Thomas.

Here is Thomas issuing orders. He is a blast because he is learning to speak, and he has a pretty big vocabulary already. Most of it is centered around food, and he gives Sang instructions on what she should provide him with. "Milk!" "Strawberry!" And if you guess incorrectly what he is saying, he says, "Noooooooo," in a way that sounds very despondent. It is really funny.

I used to work for Sang, and that was pretty fun. As you can see here, it is way more fun to be her kid. And as a person without kids I am constantly fascinated by the techniques used to care for them. People always say, "They grow up so fast," and I can see why when the parents stretch them out like this.

To see these kids you'd think they were deprived of proper play equipment. Here they are using their mom as a hippity hop or something. I don't even know how this happened.

Why these guys need to jump on Sang, I do not know, because they have the world's coolest playscape. Here is Austin going down the big slide.

We had a good night's sleep and got up Sunday and visited with our old friend Mark. After that, we headed out for...

San Francisco! Actually, we were headed up to Napa, but had to drive through SF to get there.


It's a neat bridge.

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